design services

Whether your project is still just an idea, or you're almost ready to unveil it, Kinc can develop ideas, hurdle design obstacles, forge construction pathways, all to create a stunning environment to show off your masterpiece.
Kinc's team is here to serve your design needs every - or any - step of the way.


If you've got a rough concept, a marketing plan, or even just a product, the designers at Kinc have the vision and the experience to translate your goals into real-world showstopping objects that communicate your message loud and clear.


No matter what your goal or your industry,  Kinc can partner with your team to develop original designs based on your goals, physical space, budgets, and timelines.


We have proven success in creating unforgettable visuals to keep your audience talking long after the performance or event is over.

A beautiful design is a great place to start  - but can it actually be built?


Kinc's knowledge of fabrication techniques in woodworking, paints, metals, and electronics means that we have the practical know-how to turn fantasy into reality.


Utilizing innovative solutions drawn from our strong theatrical design background, Kinc can deliver detailed and accurate build plans for sculptures, scenery, mobiles, and more.

Kinc's skill and expert craftsmanship means that we stay connected with your project through the placement of every single nail, rivet, and drop of paint.


Our hands-on management of every stage of fabrication ensures that your vision is realized exactly as it was designed.


We guarantee that what you saw on paper is what you'll see in your venue - or better!


The pieces are in place, now who's going to be accountable for successfully bringing it all together?


As Project Managers, Kinc combines a discerning artistic eye with technical savvy and a proven history of vendor management.


Let Kinc oversee all of the design elements of your event or installation, and you'll know that everything will be where it should be - on time, on budget, functioning smoothly, and looking great.


~ above images from Kinc's award-winning design for Waterford China's 'Ballet Ribbon' promotion ~